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Rodent Control

We will assess your home or offices and deploy the most effective and humane rodent control methods to eradicate these pernicious pests from your premises. We will also provide on-site proofing recommendations to prevent further access or colonisation by rodents. We offer the best Hygiene and Housekeeping recommendations, as well as some expert insights to help you manage your premises more effectively in future. Our clients are often shocked by the ingenuity and capabilities of common pests our teams deal with. Did you know, for instance, that a mouse can crawl through a hole the size of a biro! Follow our recommendations, which when complied with, will maximise the effectiveness of the treatment for the longer term, or ask us about on-going maintenance contracts.

Insect Control

We are able to offer eradication of all types of insects, whether crawling, flying and biting. Speak to one of our experts if you are currently being over-run by: ants, cockroaches, flies, wasps, or other insects that can potentially impact the smooth running of your business or home.

We will assess the most effective solution to your particular pest infestation problem and have a range of solutions to deploy and offer for the future. Premier Pest Control employ: spray treatments, gel, ULV deep spray, amongst other standard pest control products, but used at scale.

Most insect treatments require a follow-up treatment to be carried out 7-10 days after the initial infestation control treatment to eliminate any un-hatched eggs which can lie dormant. We also offer professional pest control advice for prevention from future re-infestation, for instance where multiple dwellings require adjacent properties to also be treated. We can recommend effective insect screens or Electronic Fly Control Units, or measures required to comply with Environmental Health Legislation.

Wasps Nests

Using the latest gas injected sprayer with extendable lances we are able to treat most wasps' nests without the need for ladders or significant disruption to your business or home. We also recommend simple devices to lure wasps and bees away from your property in future.

Bird Control

In areas where birds, such as pigeons, have been heavily roosting, there is the inevitable build-up of unsanitary bird guano, nests, and debris. This is not merely unsightly and even dangerous underfoot, it also harbours insects, bacteria and spores that can spread diseases and are a potential health hazard.

We offer a full bird infestation cleaning service in areas where feral birds have been roosting. Premier Pest Control utilise a proven and effective biocidal and insecticidal treatment. We also recommend the most appropriate and aesthetic system to combat the problem and prevent further roosting opportunities. We install anti-perch spikes, netting systems, spring loaded wires, or a combinations of methods, to create the most effective prevention programme.

We operate equipment appropriate to your premises, either with ladders, scaffold or we provide professional abseiling cleansing services where access conditions require them.

Void or Dirty House Clearance

We specialise in the safe clearance of rubbish, waste furniture, household items and debris from your premises. We take away rubbish and dispose of unhygienic material safely, so you can concentrate on your business. On completion of waste removal, we usually recommend a bactericide and disinfectant treatment to ensure your property is suitable for re-habitation and complies with Environmental Health requirements.

Electronic Fly Control Units

We are able to supply a wide range of electronic fly control units at competitive prices. We can assess the size and most suitable unit for your particular business, as well as advising on suitable siting of fly control.

Anti-Static Treatments

From time to time, static builds up in carpets on commercial premises, causing interference with equipment and "shocks" to staff. We deploy an anti-static spray treatment which will reduce static and eliminate its effects, leaving your staff more comfortable in their environment and equipment functioning at its optimum. This treatment is usually carried out outside of normal working hours and requires floor spaces to be as clear as possible.

Approved Treatments

All rodenticides, insecticides, pest control applications and other products used by Premier Pest Control are those recommended by the Department of Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and are cleared under the Pesticides Safety Precautions Scheme 1986.

We treat premises for the following problems:

We operate a 24 hour emergency callout service in London and the M25 area for pest infestation in both commercial and residential properties. Call Premier Pest Control experts now with your questions. For your complete peace of mind, call our pest control team on: 0208 663 1911 today.

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